Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday

It's Sunday, I'm participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday mini hop! The deal is to post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished. This time I'm offering another bit from my newest ~ Enchanted Skye.

Setting the scene:Jenna has had a terrible day. She fled a crazy ex in the states and left her name behind so he couldn't find her. Shortly after arriving on the Isle of Skye, she scattered her grandmother's ashes. Now in a freezing spring rain, she gets her rental car stuck on a dangerous coastal road. What else can go wrong? Plenty.

My Six:

Putting the Mini in gear, she attempted to get back on the road but found herself stuck. No problem. She’d learned to drive in Chicago where winters were heavy with lake-effect snow. That in itself was its own form of driver’s education. After several unsuccessful attempts, in forward and reverse, she faced the fact the tiny car wasn’t budging an inch. She was stuck.
Seeing no recourse, she turned off the ignition, put her hazard lights on, and waited. There hadn’t been a single vehicle on the coast road earlier, and she doubted anyone would be driving now. She peered through the sleeting rain then turning the key in the ignition to briefly light the dashboard, she eyed the clock. After fifteen minutes, she let out a defeated sigh, weighed her options, and made a decision. It took some fancy maneuvering over the tiny car’s seat but she managed to stuff her purse into the suitcase before she headed out into the cold driving rain.

While lake-effect weather in Chicago was often severe, the sea magnified any early spring storm in Skye threefold. Jenna hurried along. It’s only a quarter mile. Back home, her house was two blocks from school and she’d hoofed it to her first period class in a downpour more than once. It’s only a quarter mile. Several minutes into her trek, she fully regretted her decision to leave the car. She wasn’t dressed for this icy driving rain. By the time she got to the inn’s door, her teeth were chattering and her hands were numb from the cold.

A young woman answered the bell.

“Oh my lord. Come in, come in,” Beatrix said. She took the sodden suitcase from the woman’s ice cold grip. “You’re not Jenna MacLeod, surely?”

“I — I am. M-my car g-got stuck.” She pointed over her shoulder.

“Oh dear, you poor thing. You look near frozen. I’ll set you up to thaw in a hot bath straightaway.”

 Here's the story

"The plot was unique and flowed very fast. The characters are likeable and the plot keeps you reading until suddenly, you’ve finished it."
~A Reader

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