Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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It's Wednesday and I'm glad to be participating in the new Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks mini hop! (see linky list below) The deal is to post 6-8 sentences from your novel. This time I'm offering a bit from my award-winning Victorian polyamorous romance written with an unusual touch of reader-interactive art history: (book 1 in the series) Loving Leonardo.

First my 8, then details follow:

When in the presence of true beauty, my mind often imagines the person unclothed as the artists of the ages might have seen him. Sitting at my table was a statue carved in marble by Gian Lorenzo Bernini; an artist known for his remarkable ability to capture the essence of a narrative moment. And I found Luca Franco to be exactly that — a moment indelibly captured in time — a moment of meeting the mind could revisit in its entirety.

From every angle, he was beautifully made: black-haired, of medium build, and physically fit. He possessed a warm hue to his skin, his lineage no doubt stamped centuries past by the darker Moors or Turks. In startling contrast, and quite handsomely framed by black lashes, he had striking eyes the color one might see in a shadow falling across snow — not quite sky blue nor exactly steel gray, but a blending of the two in gradated rings.

I rose to shake his hand and felt the unmistakable current of compatibility. If this man weren’t forward in his mutual attraction, it was there nonetheless.

Setting up the scene: Ellie and Nicolas meet Luca aboard ship. He leaves quite the impression on both of them. This is Luca as seen through Nicolas' eyes.

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