Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I'm taking part in Tantalizing Tuesday again. I had fun last week. The idea is to take a personal picture prompt write a 200 word teaser for it.

I give you The Taste.

Luc set the covered tray before her. Curious, Angelique met his eyes. “What dessert did you learn today?” 

Like a magician, he produced a dish of chocolate sauce and a spoon. He drizzled a thick, delicious line on his finger, and said, “Ganache. Open, little bird.” Opening his own mouth in illustration, he fed her before withdrawing his finger slowly.  

Mmm, Luc it's delicious.” Luc had been at the Cordon Bleu all day with his classes. His sauces were definitely improving.

“I thought you’d like this one.” He licked his knuckle where she’d missed. Smiling now, he coated his finger again. “More for you.” 

She opened her mouth and sucked it clean. 

He kissed the chocolate from her lips, his tongue sweeping his own where it smeared. “Mmm, this does taste good. But it’s much better warmed, you know.” 

She did know. With a teasing grin, she bared her shoulder. He carefully drew a drippy line there. Of course, the chocolate running past her collarbone required chasing with his tongue. The act left a delightful shiver behind.

His warm breath stippling her with gooseflesh, he murmured against her skin, “Oh yes... much better warm. More?"

She nodded. “Mmm much more.”


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  1. You succeeded in ..........."stippling her with gooseflesh".......only it was me. What a delightful piece, Rose. So romantic, so tender in such a quiet erotic exchange between comfortable lovers who easily anticipate their lover's desires. Describing such shared affection delicately isn't easy, but you have mastered the secrets. Lovely. xo

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity to write small. It doesn't come easy.

  2. Your tease was so delicious. I could taste and feel the sensations of the chocolate warm, along with her skin. You blended both of their sensations precisely seductive.

    1. Thanks! Chocolate and desire just seem to go together.

  3. Chocolate and romance together? Why...that's as close to Heaven as we can get! Wonderful tease!


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