Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I'm taking part in Tantalizing Tuesday again. I'm having fun with it. The idea is to take a personal picture prompt and write a 200 word teaser for it.


<<< For this I give you..

Love Grows Where Rosemary Goes

He boxed the artifacts of a lifetime: her second-grade penmanship ribbon, a tassel from her high school graduation, a tiny paper parasol – all proof that his wife had once lived. Spying polaroid pictures of their trip to Hawaii, his heart gripped. He lovingly touched a fingertip to Rosemary's smiling face before setting them aside. The rest he piled by the door for the morning’s charity pickup. Grabbing another trash bag for the bathroom, he cleared cabinets and drawers filled with toiletries never to be used again. Sunlight glinting on her comb drew his eye to the russet strands tangled in the teeth. She’d had amazing lustrous hair. It grew so fast between trims, she once joked that it would grow even if she planted it in the ground. Unable to bear the thought of throwing the strands away, he took them to the garden and buried them between her roses and lilies. Completely drained of emotion, he took himself to bed. Waking in the night to a heavy scent of damp earth in the room, he found her standing beside the bed naked, soil-dusted and smiling. Miraculously, she was newly regrown and very much alive. Together they wept with joy.

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  1. Wow! I really liked this one. I was already to start crying and you got me with the end. Completely unexpected. Great tease, Rose!

  2. This was a tremendous Tease. I love the imagery of her hair and her spoken words that the trimmed hair would grow if sprouted in the ground and have her alive once more. Wonderful story. You should develop this into a longer more detailed story.

    1. Thanks Pablo. I might. It is rather Twilight Zone-ish.

  3. Beautifully written teaser with a totally unexpected ending. I love it

  4. Rose, this was supurb, very emotional, precise and exacting. Your deliberation wove a beautiful tribute to love and loss to which we can all testify. Your ending is really unexpected and so hopeful, albeitsad too. He can never move on as long as she occupies his bed, in any form. I loved this tease, Rose. xo

    1. Thank you Muffy. I'm sorry I missed the president angle.

  5. Oh, *sniff* that was sad and beautiful, and the ending was superb.

  6. Impressive creativity! Like the happy ending to an emotionally rich love story. Loved this :-D

  7. Wow, very romantic and sentimental. Love your piece.

  8. Terrific writing, stunningly original concept. You capture the extent of his loss without it ever becoming maudlin and the ending is surreal and priceless. I went to Youtube and played the Edison Lighthouse song as I read.

    1. Thanks! You caught that, did you? :) I had exactly that tune in mind.

  9. really love this. The way she regained her life from just a few strands of hair was written perfectly


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