Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday

It's Sunday, I'm participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday mini hop! The deal is to post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished. This time I'm offering another bit from Enchanted Skye.

Setting the scene:Bea, Gavin, and Lachlan discuss their brother Alex's unusual behavior around Jenna, the young American woman staying at their inn. Jenna had recently scattered her grandmother's ashes in the sea as Alexwatched nearby. When her tears fell into the water, they unleashed an unbreakable charm upon the transformed Selkie. Here the sibling piece it all together.

“The legend, Gavin. The Legend of the Seven Tears...” Bea said.

“No.” Gavin’s shoulders dropped. That kind of charmed longing would eat Alex alive if Jenna didn’t return the sentiment. “But you’re right! It’s happening now. I’ve never seen him like he was this morning. His glamor was coming’ on and he wasn’t even fighting it, did ye see? I’ve never seen him in such a state around a woman before.”

“That’s true. I nudged him under the table so he could stop before Jenna saw the change.” The elder warned them both, “Listen, don’t ye even think about telling him—”

Concerned for Alex, Gavin said, “But she’s avoiding him Lachlan, in the long run it will break his heart.”

Lachlan frowned. It would indeed. This was auld magic. So auld it was the stuff of faerie tales. If Jenna MacLeod cried seven tears into the sea with Alex nearby, it was a binding contract of love or obsession — lasting love if he could win her heart, obsession and eventual suicide if he couldn’t. “If he doesn’t figure out a way to win her over, it will kill him.” Lachlan’s frown deepened. “And damn it all, there’s nothing the three of us can do about it.”

Not one to shirk from intrigue, Beatrix MacCodrum tapped a finger to her chin. “Maybe there is.”


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