Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks

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It's Wednesday and I'm glad to be participating in the new Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks mini hop! (see linky list below) The deal is to post 6-8 sentences from your novel. This time I'm offering a bit more from my award-winning Victorian polyamorous romance written with an unusual touch of reader-interactive art history: (book 1 in the series) Loving Leonardo.

my 8, then details follow:

Leading her to our bed, I sat with her there, holding her hands for a time; more to steady mine than hers, truth be told.

Seeing she needed an answer from me, I brushed back her curls and took her face between my hands. Drawing close, I kissed her. It began as a tentative touch of my lips to hers. But her mouth was soft and pliant and, unlike my male lovers, her chin and upper lip were void of rasping whiskers. This discovery alone caused my kiss to firm, and I pressed into it wanting it all. Slanting over her, I dragged my kiss back and forth forcing her mouth to open to me. Her sweet champagne tongue coiled with mine hesitantly at first, but this grew bolder the more familiar our lips and tongues became.

Setting up the scene: Newlyweds Ellie and Nicolas come to a point of no return that shatters all they thought they knew of themselves. After this moment, they'll never be the same.

"The lush language and wonderful descriptions drew me in and kept me spellbound as I read the progressively adventurous escapades of Luca, Nicholas and Ellie. The art history was obviously well researched and the tension in the plot deepened upon the trio's arrival in Italy. I was intrigued by the first person male point of view. A beautifully-written story."
~A Reader

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