Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday's After Dark Moments

I'm participating in something new today -- Saturday's After Dark Moments. A mini hop for erotic romance. For me, this time it's a few paragraphs from my backlist, my first novel Hermes Online ~ a Sensual Reads CataRomance Reviewer's Choice Winner for Contemporary Romance.

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Setting the stage: A breakup turned savage. As a result, Vivienne's life is mired with sadness and shattered self-confidence. On a whim, and with a friend's encouragement, she posts a story written in better times to an online literature site. Unbelievably she finds herself a penpal there, a man she knows only as S. He can sure turn a phrase. Through her emailed replies she slowly remembers the person she once was. Hermes Online is written without chapters, instead the reader sees metamorphosis in real-time. 

My 500:

Needing human interaction tonight, I eventually convinced myself that as long as this person stayed talking in email it would be fine. I clicked send.
The happy male voice announcing “You’ve got mail” over the speaker came loud enough to make me jump. The reply was so quick it startled me.

Since I have pondered this a long while I shall move forward. I am going to tell you one thing about myself each time we correspond. I desire for you to take your sensual palette and lay the colors out for your use. I couldn’t help but see the glimmer of heat reflected in your story and want that heat to scorch me. Are you up to this task?

Wow. Another challenge. I wrote back,

You have not yet told me “the one thing” yet. My paint box is waiting.

Once more the tiny envelope popped into my mailbox. “You’ve got mail.” He was on the computer at the same time as I was. Imagining that somehow he could see me there through the computer screen sent a small shiver up my back and across my shoulders.

My eyes are green. I would like you to be these eyes today. Describe yourself to me in full vivid color. Head to toe, V, leave nothing out. Dazzle me with your brilliance.

Where to begin... I suppose we should start at the top and work our way down...
My hair is long and falls straight to the middle of my back with wispy bangs. The color is cinnamon, copper, golds, auburn, and reds. Not Irish setter-red nor ginger red but red-gold like autumn leaves.
My skin is alabaster, not pallid, not ashen but the faintest pale pink. I am all pinks and reds in places and rosy in others. My eyes are gray like the lining of a storm cloud. I stand five-foot-six and, at a medium build, weigh one hundred forty-three pounds.
I’m a rounded woman, not chunkily so. I’m round—round rumped, round breasted. I have a spattering of freckles on my shoulders and nowhere else. A lover once said they were like stars sprinkled there.
Is this color enough?

I read it, and then, surprised by the image these simple words evoked, I read it again. I could see this color, yes, I did look this way, this was me. I wasn’t a black and white and gray being after all. These simple words I found to describe myself implied I was filled with color. With that realization making my heart beat faster, I clicked send.
There was no instant reply. I could feel it, feel the rise of doubt coming up like a bubble from a sinking submarine. But this time I pushed it away. I reread my painted description. To my surprise, my smile returned, and somewhere in my mind, a rainbow started to form—a monochrome rainbow, but a bridge across the pallor of my gray sky.

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  1. The descriptions were right on. Is he hesitating because he's overwhelmed with desire?I need to read his response. I like the method of the way you tell your story. It's personal and believable.

    1. Thank you Pablo. I think he's afraid of scaring her off. I left the reader to figure out his side of the story by the words he chooses. At first glance they seem pretty straight forward enough. In my novels I tend leave nuance like scattered breadcrumbs for readers to find. Pick up enough of them and you get a pretty good idea what his side of the story is.

  2. For some reason, I was intrigued from the moment I read this piece. I also want to welcome you to Saturday's AfterDark Moments. I hope to hear more of you again.


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