Friday, February 14, 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday

Because writing small is new to me and very good practice for that book of short stories I have in mind, I'm trying something new. It's called Flasher Fiction Friday. The idea is to post 100-word bit of flash fiction to go with the picture of the day.

<<  Another lovely one. Let's hope I do it justice.

The Rusalki*

An artwork of stylized kelp, sea creatures, and scales covered her wet skin, but these peeled away as she dried, each design dropping to the rock and water to become delicate living things.

Spying a mirror tangled in the wreckage, she plucked it from the flotsam. She had no memory to go with this pale face, save a dim recollection of experiencing pain as ice cold sea water entered her lungs. Nevertheless, she knew what she was. Rusalka drew fishermen to drowning deaths with mesmerizing song and hypnotic dances. A vessel neared. Filled with euphoria, her hips began to sway…

*In Slavic mythology, a rusalki is a mermaid-like demon that assumes the body of a young woman who has died in the water. They love to come on land and dance in the meadows, the sole purpose to lead hapless men to their death.


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  1. great flash and folklore nicely done .... hugs T

  2. Ha!! I see what you mean but not what you meant by GMTA!! Great minds, must be part of the saying. Well, we refer to them as Saltwater Sirens or Sea Witch. I wrote a little about the lore in my introduction. How clever and artistic are we both!! Of course, I loved the angle and I loved your writing. Beautifully executed and your descriptions were just lovely!!! xo

  3. Both eerie and entertaining! Thanks for the cultural history info. Cool :-)

  4. Oh, I -LOVE- the stories of the Rusalki! I am trying to find a way to work these into my own story of the fae right now. Beautiful job!

  5. Love the seductiveness of this story. :) Great flash, def need to write more about this.

  6. Beautiful , dangerous siren! Love your flasher


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