Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday!

It's Sunday and time for the  Sneak Peek Sunday mini hop! The deal is to post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished.  I'm offering a bit from 

Setting the scene: 

Alex is feeling strange and the inn's new American guest is avoiding him. Well, they didn't exactly get off to a good start the night before.

My Six:
Alex lay upon his bed staring at the ceiling, his acute senses entangled in Jenna’s presence. From the scent of her on his pillow and sheets, to the tell-tale sounds signaling her nap was over, he was experiencing her. That was the way of his wild Selkie blood — sensorial perspicacity. Simply put, he felt her. Watching her that morning as she interacted with his family, it was obvious she wanted nothing to do with him but didn’t mind the others. She laughed at their jokes and contributed to the conversation now and again. Nothing much overall, but it was clear what was said came from an intelligent mind. He never took his eyes from her in the hopes she’d look his way and smile like she did for his siblings. It was hell that she refused to look his way, and it pained him that he wasn’t able to draw more than her strained polite smile.

He pushed the disquieting thought away. Picturing her in his arms instead, he chose to remember her warm kisses of the night before over the cold hard truth. There was no mistaking that her eyes said come hither when she lay back upon his bed. She’d wanted him. His keen senses detected desire on her. Surely that wasn’t only the scotch speaking. A blur of blue and green caught his eye as it dashed past his doorway. He caught up with her at the staircase.


She froze.

That she didn’t turn gave Alex a pang. Was she determined to shun him again? He fought a wave a glamor tingling over his skin. All Selkies possessed the ability to cast illusion. It was as useful and essential to survival as any other creature’s camouflage, but it wasn’t something he used with any regularity. He didn’t need to alter his features. In this day and age, his family lived in the open and even peppered their neighborly conversations with facts of streamlined bodies slicing through waves and sunning on the rocks. Everyone just accepted their truths as fun and folklore. In a way, the truth was their glamor.

She held her coat and bag and in that moment he knew if she walked out the door, he’d lose her. Lose her? Where had that panicked thought had come from? He barely knew her. The realization choked him nonetheless. He cleared his throat but emotion broadened his Scots. “Ye’re leaving?”


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  1. Interesting snippet, Rose. I enjoyed your characters.


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