Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday

It's Sunday and time for the  Sneak Peek Sunday mini hop! The deal is to post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished.  I'm offering a bit from Loving Leonardo (book 1 in the series)

Setting the scene: 

Nicolas and Ellie invite Luca to discuss Leonardo da Vinci, and realize they have more than one interest in common. Here they discuss the artist's homosexuality and the return to the classical ideals of the ancients -- a popular theme in Da Vinci's era, regardless of the opposition of the church. 

My Six:

I believe we were all aware of a sexual tension growing in the intellectual-rich loam. There were little things at play now: the way Ellie moistened her lips and looked at us with eyes that lingered from one to the other. The way Luca’s irises had darkened from snow shadow to moon shadow as he looked upon her. The way I’d catch myself with a reminder to breathe as my eye was drawn to these small distinctions. Like da Vinci’s sfumato, our mutual attraction hung in the air, and I was struck by the notion that the smoky quality depicted in his art was desire. Desire like this.

“Ah.” Ellie nodded in understanding and circled the rim of her wine glass with her fingertip. I could feel the gears turning in the perfect machine of her mind. She proved my estimation right when she laughed suddenly, “Why Signore Franco, I do believe you’ve evaded my original question.”

He touched his heart with mock surprise. “Would I do that?”

That made Ellie laugh just as she was about to sip her red wine, causing her to slosh it on her white silk blouse. “Fiddlesticks! Please excuse me gentlemen, I must see to this before it sets.” Giving us an adorable self-deprecating smile, she quickly excused herself. We watched her go and shortly after the tap ran in the bathroom.

To a man such as I who’d lived on the same side of the fence for so many years, Luca’s answer had been plain enough. There was a silent language men like us used in public that only those of the same persuasion might guess what lie below the surface. Society might speculate all it wished, but unless the intent was blatant, no one knew of it for certain. In a world of unfounded prejudice, discretion might save one’s life. Our eyes met. We knew.

He told me sincerely, “She’s a treasure. Your Ellie is unlike any woman of my acquaintance.”

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  1. Intriguing snippet. You have me curious for more.

  2. Thanks, Karen. And thank you for stopping by. :)


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