Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday's After Dark Moments

I'm participating in something new today -- Saturday's After Dark Moments. A mini hop for erotic romance. For me, this time it's a few paragraphs from my Loving Leonardo .

In this scene: A page turns for my trio, their lives forever changed. (condensed from a larger piece to capture the moment)

He raised his hand to the side of my face, and there his thumb traced along my bottom lip. My heart started to pound and my cock swelled. The hand slid around to the back of my skull and pulled me close for a kiss. A kiss I very much wanted.

I could taste him under the sweet tang of grapes and wine. I fed my tongue into his mouth and found his. The small whiskers trimmed so close to his upper lip and chin were sharp exclamation points along my heady exploration. I’ve no clear image of how exactly it happened, so absorbed was I in the sensorial bliss of the moment, but shirts and flies opened as magically as if Ali Baba himself called “open sesame” to the cave.

Lean-ribbed and fit, he had a raven thatching over his chest that was slightly thicker than my own, and I petted him as though he were a sleek jungle cat. We freed each other’s cocks as we kissed and caressed and I soon learned that chest hair wasn’t all that was thick on Luca. Da Vinci himself couldn’t have sketched a finer image than this bold firm cock. His kiss deepened and he stroked me slowly with an expert hand while I closed my fingers around a shaft a few inches shy of the length of my forearm. Driven to make free with all he offered, I broke from our kiss. It was then I saw her.

Assessing her attitude quickly, I detected no condemnation. The sensually-charged static in the air was palpable. No one said a word. Standing, I held a hand to our guest, wordlessly asking him to follow. Luca read the scene and relaxed. The cock I thought large a moment ago surged to its true fullness. It was just as I suspected early on. Luca was one of us.

Ellie walked to the bedroom settee and we followed. She licked her lips when her eyes met mine and I could see our carnally-charged conversations of evenings past mirrored in her lust-dilated eyes. She wanted to see firsthand what it was like when two men loved. I put my hand on Luca’s back and led him to lie upon the bed. There, I crawled over him until we lay side by side. Taking his face in my hands, I kissed him long and slow, as much for her as for him and I.

I could feel her watching us, feel her heat emanating in waves. I wanted the blast of that heat to burn me, to reduce me to ash that I might know myself. Truly know. I’d rise like a phoenix — a bird plumed and painted in fire. The art in the loving would be mine at last, the art I’d always known existed but had yet to find for myself. I wanted the both of them because this was who I really was. I wanted this rebirth. I wanted my renaissance.

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