Friday, February 21, 2014

Flasher Fiction Friday

Because writing small is new to me and very good practice for that book of short stories I have in mind, I'm trying something new. It's called Flasher Fiction Friday. The idea is to post 100-word bit of flash fiction to go with the picture of the day. Somehow I placed this image
on the wrong meme and wrote a story for it. Sorry readers. So here it is, right picture on the right day and a new snippet of flash.

<<< This time I give you..Reluctant Nymph

The power of the god’s arousal emanated through the grove. Knowing no woman could refuse Apollo, Daphne silently begged Gaia for help. Hiding, she tore some cloth from her hem. This she wrapped around a stone to throw as a ruse before she bolted. He grabbed her. Ardor high with intent to take her, Apollo kissed her savagely. But aid came at a price and Daphne transformed into a laurel tree. Saddened by her choice, Apollo kissed and caressed the nymph tenderly through the change. Plucking several leaves, he fashioned a crown and left her standing in her own shade.

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  1. Excellently written flash. Beautiful

  2. Beautifully written flasher. Will she give herself to Apollo in the end I wonder

    1. Thanks. Sadly, no. The myths say she stayed a tree. Now if I had another 100 words...

  3. How did you do that in so few words? Loved the tension and what a fabulous last line.

    1. Glad you liked it. I break the 100 word allotment into thirds and address each 33-word segment as beginning, middle, end. It's hard, but you can get a full story that way.

  4. Spectacular! Outstanding. I wonder at your skill and elegant mastery. I LOVED this piece. xo

    1. :) thank you Muffy. That was a very versatile picture you gave us!

  5. Very creative! Excellently done. Poor Daphne.

  6. Wow, love the myth creativity. So full of detail and emotion. Awesome flash :)


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