Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sneak Peek Sunday

It's Sunday, I'm participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday mini hop! 
The deal is to post 6 paragraphs from a writing project, published or unpublished. Today, I'm offering a small sampling from my legend-inspired romance ~ The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (book2 Eluwilussit)  

Eli sees himself in the mirror

Behind the scenes: At this point in the story, Eli tried to enter the White Spirit world but found himself in the Red Realm instead. This is where the forsaken dwell on the other side of the veil that divides the spirit realms -- in other words, Hell. Through the veil he witnesses the shape-shifting abilities of Ash and their teacher Nawkaw. Outraged, he wants this gift for himself. 

The forsaken ones had never met a shaman with the ability to enter the spirit worlds, and never one with murders attached to his soul. They tell him they too can bestow such a gift, but it comes with a price. Naturally, Eli says yes.

My Six:

Eli woke and found himself naked and wound up in tangled sheets. He ached all over and the stench of the Red Realm hung in the motel room like a fetid cloud. Sitting up, he realized it was he who smelled like rot because his lower half had shifted while he slept. No, he hadn’t slept, not really. He’d lived a second life when he’d fallen asleep. Feeling a tickle on his calf, he looked down and discovered a small wriggling maggot in an open sore. He picked it up and flicked it across the room. Disgusting. 

A shudder ran through him as a question lodged in his brain: Was he fated to return to their foul abuses each time he closed his eyes to sleep? He’d kill himself first. No sooner had the thought come to him than did he remember he was immortal. There’d be no escaping the Red Realm. Panic gripped him. He needed that bird stone. It would fly him to the White World. Once there, he’d plead his case before Sky Father and the ancestors. Surely they’d overlook his indiscretions. He would show them his regret.

Feeling the need to wash, he headed to the bathroom. The floor to ceiling mirror took him by surprise. He stood there with the legs of an animal he couldn’t identify. Squeezing his eyes shut, his breath came out in a sharp hiss as he forced his legs into human shape. The painful transformation felt like his bones were breaking from within. He saw his naked reflection and blinked in disbelief. Feeling his aching sack, he discovered that one of his balls was missing. A sickening recollection of his nightmare in the Red Realm came rushing back. When he’d tried to run away, they held him down while the whore stepped on his testicles until he swore not to run again.

Tears of frustrated rage fell. How dare they do this to him! His anger transformed his body as he stood before the mirror, and he saw himself for the first time. Where his feet had been, he now had cloven toes tipped with curled claws. His arms and legs were thin and riddled with sores. Overall, he looked emaciated. His head was tipped in small peeling antlers and his face was a muzzle more deer-like than not. But the yellowed fangs belonged to a wolf or perhaps a bear. 

He grabbed his head with his clawed hands and stared into his reflection. This was no wondrous transformation like Nawkaw becoming eagle. Eli was no proud wolf like Ashkewheteasu. He was a monster. He was a Wendigo. Would Sky Father let him in the White World now? He had to try, he had to.

Falling to his knees, Eluwilussit sobbed until he ran out of tears. Meeting his glowing eyes in the mirror again, he clutched the furry skin of his half-empty scrotum and rasped, “When I find you Ashkewheteasu, you will you die slowly as you watch me eat your body piece by piece.”


Here's the story
The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo
(book1 Ashkewheteasu)  

Based upon Native American oral tradition and a modern urban legend 

(Book 2 Eluwilussit)

"Very good read with well developed characters, wanted more right away! Please read it, very very creative, imaginative and sexy! "
~ A Reader

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