Friday, April 19, 2013

Thinking About Spring

So the Authors in Bloom hop is over. I'll pick a winner from the comments. If you hear from me, you've won. :)  Thanks for participating everyone.

The wind is howling, and I do mean howling. I have the feeling more than one tree has fallen around here and I'm not looking forward to seeing the damage in the light of day. The heavy rains have flooded the roads. No worries. I'm a writer. I'll just imagine I'm in a castle on a hill surrounded by a moat. 

The rains have also greened up my yard. Needless to say, I've been thinking about spring. Here in the Midwest the robins and red-winged blackbirds have returned already. It's that whole early bird gets the worm thing. They get the best nesting spots and territory so when the first females return, they're all set to razzle dazzle. The early birds sure got a rude awakening this morning with this wind. At least they don't have their eggs or chicks just yet. I feel sorry for the little guys. When the wind finally dies down, they'll be singing their little hearts out. That's always a kick at 3 am.

The oddest part of the spring migration is the birds' desire to go to war with their reflections in my window. He's not here yet, but I have one crazy robin that challenges his mirror image a few times  a day. It will get worse when the woodpeckers start. They like to pound holes into my house's cedar siding. Even the squirrels "go off their nut". I can't tell you how much their hanging on the screen door irritates my little dog. All she can think about is chomping them. Everything is twitterpated with spring. Remember this?


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