Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's the Last Day of the Authors in Bloom Blog Hop!

It's the last day of this celebration of spring. I have to say it was a fun change of pace for me.

The Grand Prize is an eReader plus a gift certificate, and each of the 63 participating author are offering something as well. The winners will be chosen from comments left at each blog so be sure to leave your email address when you stop to share a few words with us.

For one more chance to grab recipes, gardening tips and more, click here:
Authors in Bloom!

Wood Sorrel

Just about everyone has seen the three-heart leaves of wood sorrel in their yard or garden. (You can't miss it. It looks like a large shamrock). The tender leaves have a tart, almost lemony, bite that adds a depth of flavor to your salads. The flowers are edible too. Just use a bit to add dimension to a salad. Too much oxalic acid isn’t good for you. The petals broken into hearts make a beautiful garnish too.

Pick your own lovely salad

A few wood sorrel leaves broken into individual hearts
1 small handful of tiny lamb’s quarters leaves (topmost leaves)
1 loose handful of chickweed
1 small handful of the innermost leaves of dandelion
½ cup cashews, macadamia nuts, or hazelnuts
1 loose handful of violet flowers with stems removed
A few rose petals from your garden (if you treat your roses with any chemical, DO NOT USE)

Add to:
Lettuces – Romaine, iceberg, mesclun, etc

Toss all of the above. Then top with this:

Raspberry Vinaigrette
Mix together the following:
½ c. extra virgin olive oil
½ c. orange juice
3 T balsamic or red wine vinegar 
¼ t lemon or orange zest (optional)
¼ c. mashed raspberries

Important to know about wild foods:
Whether you're new to wild harvests or an old pro at munching your way through the weeds in your backyard, I think it's
worth repeating a few things. Some populations of plants are barely surviving due to competition by aggressive invaders and  mindless harvesting. Just because you can eat that native species, doesn't mean you should. It's best to just eat the weeds and leave the rest, especially mushrooms which play an important role in the ecosystem. As far as exotic species go, munch away. They don't belong here anyway and they taste great.
Be safe! Before you start picking, be sure  no pesticides or herbicides have been used there. Only pick where you know for sure.



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  1. thanks for participating in this blog hop and best wishes with your writing

  2. I did a salad, too. Yours sounds yummy and healthy!