Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and I'm taking part in Tantalizing Tuesday again. I'm having fun with it. The idea is to take a personal picture prompt and write a 200 word teaser for it.


<<  An evocative one that just begged for a teensy bit of Photoshop tweaking. I call it The Restless Wife*

This restlessness always came on her when the seasons changed and stirred an overwhelming urge to clean. To her, spring cleaning was more than housework. It was introspection. Yes, Steve was a loving husband who gave her a life she’d never envisioned for herself, but he didn’t understand the need to put one’s life in order. It was necessary to purge their home of things they didn’t use and never would. Life got so cluttered otherwise. Waiting for him to finish his breakfast, she glanced impatiently at the clock.

Later, at the door, he said, “If the haul is good, it’ll be herring for supper.
Have a nice day, honey.

Anxious to begin her housework the moment he left for the docks, it was all she could do to keep from pushing him out the door. She smiled. “You too.”

She happily cleaned all day, saving the cluttered bedroom closet for last. Determining Steve’s unused bowling ball had to go, she unzipped the bag and gasped to find what he’d concealed inside. She penned her husband a short goodbye note then quickly stripped naked. Gathering her spotted skin, she walked out the door to return to the vast uncluttered sea.

*This story is written around the ancient legend of Selkies -- those beings that live in the sea as seal-type creatures, and on land as human when they take off their spotted skins. The legend says if a man finds the skin and hides it away, the transformed Selkie would marry him and make a perfect wife, even giving him children. But...if one day she finds the hidden skin, she'll leave him and the children without looking back. If you like Selkies, my Enchanted Skye was inspired by a very real Scottish family who' has declared themselves Selkie for generations.

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  1. Replies
    1. Her Selkie skin was hidden in an unused bowling ball bag. If you find a Selkie's skin and hide it, they'll make excellent wives and husbands. Should they find it, they'll leave and not look back. :)

  2. Wow. That was wonderful. I loved the way you handled it, the personality, and the overall tone. I was utterly unprepared for the end, and it was a fabulous shock. Great tease.

  3. This was wonderful, Rose. I knew he had caught her when she gasped at the findings in the bag. But, I didn't see her leaving coming. As usual, your way with words is stunningly artful. Wonderful. xo

  4. I wondered what did she find? But this was one, wonderfully written piece. And now I'm left wondering what was it and why did she part ways.

  5. Damn! What's inside?!? Great teaser and wonderfully written.

  6. Brilliantly written tease with an ending I wasn't expecting at all

  7. Nicely constructed with a slippery unexpected ending. A fascinating insight.

  8. Oh, you seem like my kind of writer! A little paranormal, a little Pagan and a lot of lush description and passionate prose. Thanks for taking part in this Hop! I'm really grateful to be aware of you!


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