Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time Flies

Time flies. The Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop is now over. Sometime this week, I'll sort through my comments and find a winner. Thanks for playing along everyone! This blog will go quiet for a few days as I finish up a project. In the meantime, I'm leaving the post and book trailers up should anyone else stop by.

I love when blog hops have topics and this one is what makes a hero a hottie. I write heroes to fall in love with. As a matter of fact, I'm in love with all of mine! Of course nice to look at is always a plus, but over appearance, I'd say intelligence, kindness, and  the way he carries himself has the most appeal to me. I'm not overly fond of muscles on muscles in my leading men. I'd rather have sleek and powerful if the moment calls for it. Competence is equally attractive. Does he move through his world confidently? Does he have a certain grace about him? What about his hands?

I love a man’s hands. Sure, everyone enjoys a handsome face, a tight physique, a beautiful pair of eyes. Who wouldn’t? We’re designed by nature to be drawn to healthy and strong characteristics. How else would the species continue optimally if not for this unconscious selection? A man’s hands, provided they’re not long-nailed or belonging to Ichabod Crane, always turn my head. Pair them with corded forearms and strong wrists and mmm mmm mmm, you had me at hellooooo.

I prefer them large and capable, the clean fingernails trimmed reasonably. I like them expressive, their occasional gesture emphasizing the statement or encouraging the conversation. I like them rough, not so hard that their skin is like boot leather, but rough like they know what it’s like to pick up a shovel or a hammer even if they spend all day typing on a keyboard or playing a piano. I love when they’re gentle. There’s nothing so sexy as when these masculine hands pat a child’s back, tuck a strand of hair behind an ear, or gently interact with an animal.

Many are of the opinion that a man has to have a firm handshake. I concur. I love watching men shake hands. A man doesn’t have to break the fingers of the hand he’s clasping, but his handshake should be strong enough to show his vitality. I just love that. In my mind it’s a throwback to the days when knights participated in tournaments, though I’m sure the handshake goes back far longer than that. It is a good way, after all, to judge if the man you’re meeting is a force to contend with should the meeting go badly. Enjoying this little show of prowess is another instance of a woman being drawn to the strongest male in the vicinity.

My heroines love lacing their fingers in a strong, neat, expressive, lightly calloused, gentle, and capable hand. Especially if she can feel the love there in the warm, safe, confines. And lastly, she loves when these hands roam. Oh yes she does!

Meet my HOT heroes

The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 1 Ashkerwhetasu)
Inspired by Native American mythology and the very real urban legend
of the Wisconsin wolfman

The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo (Book 2 Eluwilussit)The story continues

Loving Leonardo (book1)
A Victorian polyamorous love story,
with a touch of reader-interactive art history

Loving Leonardo - The Quest (book 2)
The story continues

Dreamscape A haunting, a murder, a mystery, a reader's puzzle
running behind the scenes,
and a love that transcends time

Hermes Online A contemporary erotic romance
with a little ancient meddling
(Pssst...the Greek Gods are implied)

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  1. thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


  2. I'm also a fan of strong hands ;) Thank you!


  3. I forgot about that I love a man's hands too.


  4. I love Alpha Males. They are strong, independent, fiercely protective, but on the inside they are nothing but a big ole’ teddy bear with the one they love! I love the way their mouths talk tough and dirty, but their eyes show their vulnerability. They can be rough and tough in the bedroom, but still have the gentle caress of an attentive and protective lover. It's all in the heart.....alpha males are the best!

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. Totally agree about the hands and a firm handshake.
    Thanks for being part of this fun blog hop.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. I think that's interesting that you love a man's hands. I've noticed mens hands for years. One thing I notice is the strength is in the hands as in the heart. When I see weak hands I see a weak heart. A hard working man has hands that express it. A Carpenter has great hands. This might not really be true but that's how I some up a man. sonsethues at yahoo dot com

  7. I like a man to be kind, intelligent, and have a sense of humor.
    jmcaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  8. I could not agree with you more about a man's hands! Nothing turns me off faster than dirty fingernails with ragged or bitten edges. Because it bothers me so much, I am persuaded my fiance to stop biting his nails and to keep them clean and smooth. I simply told him that I heard biting your nails is a sign of self-consciousness. That did it. I also told him he could not touch me if he did not take care of his hands, because I do not want dirt, bacteria, and scratches on my skin from raggedy nails. He has been keeping them nice since that day on. kbinmich@yahoo.com

  9. Sheba Potts-Wright pretty much says what I like and why in her song Big Hand Man

  10. Hands, in general, say a lot about a person. And I hate wimpy handshakes, male or female. But there are plenty of professions and hobbies that will stain a pair of hands beyond anything that soap will remove. I don't like it, but I'll forgive them for it.

  11. Hi, Rose,

    One of the great things about romance fiction is the great use of sensual description. Hands do tell a lot about a person. They are part of sight and touch. They can be erotic or a turn-off.

  12. What a wonderful article. I too love a man's hands. I learned something from your article, Rose. Thank you.

  13. Wonderful post. I love a man's hands also. They really do say so much about him.

  14. Awesome post!

    I've never really thought about judging a man by his hands before.

    I concur with everything you've said, except the clean nails part, auto mechanics can't get all the grease out from under their nails.

    I remember shaking the hand of a man once that was softer than mine. Really felt weird, cause all other guys hands I've shaken had at least some callouses on them.


  15. The best reason to check out the look of a man's hands is for an idea of what he has to offer. I read Xavier Hollander's "Happy Hooker" when I was in high school, and the chapter on how hands correlate to "package" was enlightening. She swore her "formula" was accurate...and damn, if I didn't find out it was! By the way, research shows that most women are more interested in width than length. And fingers are a great indicator there! BTW, can you tell I write erotic romance? Grin.

  16. I love your blog it looks amazing great job. joehawkshaw@yahoo.com

  17. Men's hands are so sexy. I love short nicely trimmed fingernails. I never thought about hands until I married my husband. Now I can't stop looking at his hands!


  18. Strong protective nature, of course nice abs and biceps aren't bad either.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  19. I love my man's hands. He is a musician and has large, strong hands with long fingers. Very sexy.


  20. I like my hot hero to be courageous, loyal and to accept the people he cares for faults and all.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  21. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  22. My perfect hero is tall, muscular,confident,loyal, Alpha,bad-ass, intelligent, protective, vulnerable and majorly damaged -- but ultimately redeemable!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  23. My perfect hero is persistant, loyal and protective

    thank you for participating in this hop

    1. oups forgot email sorry

  24. I love the alpha protective hero. Thanks for sharing the hop and the giveaways. evamillien at gmail dot com

  25. Hermes online looks hot! Thanks for the giveaway....
    shinigami_light @ ymail.com

  26. What a great blog hop I love Alpha males who are strong and protective. Thank you for the great giveaway!
    Latisha D
    tishajean@ charter.net

  27. My perfect hero is strong, vulnerable, possessive, romantic and protective :)

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    songbird1613 at yahoo dot com

  28. Hi! For me, i love an alpha hero, someone brave, protecting there own, helping, and i love a bit of cockiness. And they have to have a bit of humor! I love strong hands, but i like them a little rough, big. Workers hands. Thank you for sharing and for the awesome hop & giveaways!

  29. I love alpha heroes! Thanks for the great hop!

    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  30. I'm also a hands person. And well defined upper arms.

    pjmillion (at)comcast(dot)net

  31. I love a man's hands... my husband has the most beautiful (as in manly beautiful) hands I have ever seen. Sigh!


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